22 Things You Should Consider While Buying a WordPress Theme

Premium themes offer more features than free version…but how can you pick the right one? Here’s our complete checklist that you should consider while buying a wordpress theme.  We would also recommend some themes in the end which are too popular among visitors. Let’ see…

Things You Should Consider While Buying a WordPress Theme

Things You Should Consider Before Buying a WordPress Theme

#1. Attractive Design

Free themes offer less features and their design/layouts are also limited. So whenever you buy a theme then you should check the look and design of that theme. A good attractive design attracts a lot of visitors.

#2. SEO Friendly

A theme should be SEO friendly and should follow all SEO rules. It should contain 404 template, an optimized valid code, and should be from a trusted provider.

A theme form untrusted provider may drop your website ranking in the search results and this affects your website traffic.

#3. Fast Loading / Lightweight

A Fast loading theme or a lightweight theme is best for search ranking. A fast loading WordPress theme loads fast and improves the search ranking in Google search results.

#4. Slider Ready

Many themes don’t offer the slider facility. So before buying… make sure the theme supports the slider or not. For business related site, slider is must!

#5. Multiple Header & Footer Styles

A theme should provide the multiple header and footer styles like header on the top or left side of website. The header styles also offer the positions of menus (left, right etc).

Similarly some themes also offer more than 1 footer style which improves the website look.

#6. Social Icons or Social Share Buttons

Social websites’ icons and social share buttons must be a part of theme. These icons increase the social signals and also best for off page SEO.

So always buy a theme that contains the social icons and buttons. It increases the trust among visitors.

#7. Search Bar Facility

Search bar is so important for a website to search articles and other stuffs. So always prefer a theme that supports the search bar facility and with different styles. A theme must offer search bar placement in the header section and in the sidebar.

#8. Primary and Secondary Menus

A theme should have the place for primary and secondary menus because one menu section we can use to display pages and second to display categories.

#9. Multiple Page Layouts

A right theme should contain multiple pages layout. You can try all layouts one by one and select the best one as per your niche. A right layout could hold a visitor for a long time.

#10. Logo and Favicon upload

A theme should provide Logo and Favicon upload facility. In addition to that, the logo should be perfectly visible on mobile and desktop. So if a theme provides special logo upload facility for mobile devices then it is good.

#11. Support Available

A paid theme should provide 12 months support. So in case if you need any help regarding theme setup, the theme provider can help you to achieve your goal.

If support regarding theme is not available then don’t buy it!

#12. CMS compatible and Up to Date

A theme should be CMS compatible and up to date. It should work fine with latest version of CMS. If you find any theme which is not tested with current version of CMS then it is better to avoid it.

Always buy a compatible and up to date theme.

#13. Documentation should be perfect

Documentation is necessary for installing theme on website. It provides proper guidance regarding how to upload a logo, how to control post and pages section, where to add custom css and js.

So if you have any questions or training needed for a WordPress theme… you can be found here in the documentation.

#14. Good / Positive Rating

Always prefer a theme with good start rating. Whatever theme you have selected for you site, be sure to check its review and star rating.

A good star rating means, this theme is performing well on sites and many people like bloggers, developers have a good trust on that!

#15. Should be Responsive

A theme should perfectly work on all devices of different sizes. So if a theme has responsive feature then prefer it for you website. Normally these days… you will get responsive theme but you should check!

#16. AMP ready [optional but recommended]

A few themes provide the AMP ready feature. This feature is best for mobile view. This feature means your site is more SEO friendly or I would say mobile friendly.

Google also recommends these features and boost the ranking in search results. So if you can also consider this option while buying a theme.

#17. Should contain Demos

Demos are necessary to build a website. Many themes offer the demos like Avada offers 20+ demos which help in the website building process.

These demos give an idea how your site will look like to users. You have to just load these and start editing. After that you will get a perfect site as the professionals have built it!

These demos make the work process easy and you can get a professional look of your website in quick time.

#18. WPML Ready

Many people want to build a website in more than one language. So for that your theme should be compatible with WPML plugin. Means your theme should support translation capabilities.

#19. Woocommerce Ready [for online shopping]

If you need an online shopping site then make sure your theme is Woocomemrce ready. A woocommerce theme contains best online shopping designs and an attractive cart and checkout page look.

#20. LifeTime Updates

A theme should provide lifetime updates. So before buying, make sure that the theme should get the update for lifetime.

This thing is necessary because When the WordPress updates then the loaded version of theme (which is old now) won’t be compatible with the latest version of WordPress. So here the theme needs to update also with latest securities.

If lifetime updates are not available then the old version of theme can damage your site reputation and even it could be hack able. So always purchase a with lifetime updates.

#21. Free Plugins support

Many paid themes provide the paid plugins like revolutionary slider, visual builder for free. So always prefer a theme that provides premium plugins without any extra cost.

#22. Don’t forget the Price

While buying, you have to check the price also. Always buy a theme that provides maximum features at minimum price.

So these are some points that you may consider before buying a WordPress theme. If you are a blogger or a developer / business owner, then here are two themes that you can consider for your blog and business websites

Theme for Blogger

If you are blogger then we recommend NEWSPAPER theme. This theme is No #1 selling theme in the blogging segment and it supports AMP version.

Theme for Business

If you need website for business then we recommend AVADA theme. This theme is number #1 selling theme in the business segment and it is also developer friendly.

So guys… these are some tips that you can consider while buying a WordPress Theme. If you liked it then don’t forget to share these tips on social sites.

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