Best WordPress Themes for Blogs and Business

Hey guys checkout the responsive and up to date list of best WordPress themes for your business or blogging website. Select the right WordPress template from the given list as per your niche and give a modern look to your website in just few minutes!

Well guys… WordPress is the best platform to launch a website. So if you decided to launch business or blogging website then checkout our best collection of WordPress themes and get the right one for your niche without wasting time.

Best WordPress Themes for Blogs and Business

Best WordPress Themes for Blogs and Business

WordPress offers a lot of verity to users. That’s why it is the one of best platforms to launch a business or a blog. So if talk about the layouts and designs in Word press, then here you get a large number of collection of free and paid themes.

The free themes offer less features while premium WordPress themes offer all premium features and even provide the free updates and support services. So readers have a look at the best WordPress themes and choose the best matched template as per your niche requirement from the below given list.

#1. Sports Theme

Sports are a good source of entertainment. So if you like the sports like football, cricket, rugby, hockey or you like any other sport then sports templates would be the best fit for your sport niche. WordPress offers many sports themes in free and paid segment so here are the best ones…

  • Real Soccer
  • Sport – WordPress Club Theme
  • Splash Sport [Recommended]
  • Club Sports – Events and News Theme
  • Champion

#2. eCommerce /Online Shopping Theme

At the current time you can see eCommerce sites everywhere. WordPress mostly use woocommerce to sell the items or products. So if you have an online shopping site, where you sell the products like shoes, gadgets, books etc. then you must need an eCommerce online shopping theme so you can easily sell the stuffs to customers online.

Here is the list of some of best wordpress shopping theme that could prefer for your site to sell the items…

  • Flatsome [Recommended]
  • Porto
  • Shopkeeper eCommerce Wp theme
  • WoodMart
  • Martfury
  • XStore

#3. Fashion Theme

WP Fashion themes are the best ones for those who just want to show the new clothing designs, looks, arts, and styles to the public. So if you have a site something like this, then a perfect fashion based template you can use on your site to show the latest trends to visitors.

  • The Luxury
  • Kloe
  • Angel – Fashion / Model Agency Theme
  • Faxihon
  • Lavan

#4. Tech Theme

A lot of people like the tech stuff. So if you like the gadgets and technology a lot then you can share everything about that on internet with others using an attractive tech theme.  WordPress offers a number of tech templates that could make your blog attractive.

So, if you want to show the gadgets’ specifications… you want to show the tech content to public then the following tech designs or layouts you might consider for your site to attract the visitors.

  • NewsPaper
  • StartIT
  • Stratus
  • ArkaHost
  • Agile
  • Crypterio

#5. Educational Theme

Educational based themes are the best fit for those sites where you sell the courses to visitors. On educational based sites, you basically sell the notes, books, PDFs etc. So if you want to sell the books, notes, pdf copies, courses’ videos then the following educational themes you could prefer…

  • WPLMS Learning Management System
  • Education WordPress Theme
  • Academy
  • Peekaboo [Kids Educational Theme]
  • University – Event & Course Theme
  • Grand College

#6. Travel Theme

Everybody likes travelling. So if your job is to explore the nature or you travel a lot then travel based theme would be the best choice for you to share the content with the people. You can check the best WordPress travel themes below.

  • Tour Package
  • Traveler
  • Love Travel [You can blog and also sell travel packages with Woocommerce]
  • Travelo
  • Adventure Tours

#7. Blogging Theme

Blogging themes are the general themes which you can use on your site to publish the content. WordPress offers a lot of free themes which you can use as per you niche to publish the content. But if you don’t like the layout or design of free themes or you need more features, then the following premium WordPress blogging theme you can use to attract more visitors…

  • NewsPaper
  • Max Mag
  • News Mag
  • Flip Mag
  • Aden

Checkout the complete list of best blogging themes in WordPress from here and select the best one for your blogging site.

#8. Business Theme

Some people need a business website to show company information.  So for this, they just prefer 5 to 10 pages site. So if you just looking for business templates in WordPress to show company content like about us, services, products, contact, landing page etc then you can pick the best one from the following list…

  • EnFold
  • BeTheme
  • uDesign
  • Striking Multiflex
  • Modernize
  • Consulting
  • Avada [Recommended]

#9. News Theme

You can see news everywhere, it is here and there. So if like the trends and now want to build a website on hot topics or latest trends then a News based template would be the best fit for your site because a news templates comes with 7 to 10 blocks on one single page and you get a nice newspaper like look where you show many topics – politics, sports, entertainment, ads etc.

  • NewsPaper [Highly Recommended]
  • Sahifa
  • NewsMag
  • SmartMag
  • Bimber

#10. Video Theme

Some people just post the videos. When they get any viral or breaking news, they create a video and later they publish it on the website. So if you have a website related to movies reviews, funny videos, art clips, street entertainment then a video based template you can activate on your personal blog.

  • Video Touch
  • One Video
  • Slim Video
  • Video Fly
  • Go Watch

#11. Game Theme

Some game lovers need a best theme related to game to show high quality content to visitors. So if you like games and now need a gaming template to publish the content related to game then here are the some of the best collection that you can choose for your gameing blog.

  • Youplay
  • Oblivion
  • Game Addict
  • PlayerX
  • Blackfyre
  • GameLeon

#12. Real Estate Theme

It is such a massive business in whole world. You can see the real estate business in every country. So if you have a job related to real estate where you sell the properties to customers or sell the property, room, flat on rent then the Wordpess real estate template could make your site authority and trust.

  • Real Estate 7
  • Casa Royal
  • Reality
  • Palazzo
  • Home Villas
  • Real Homes

#13. Food & Restaurant Theme

If you like to share the recipes, dishes then a Food & Restaurant template would be the best for your blog. You can use this template on your food blog and even the same layout or design you can use for your restaurant website. Here are some of the best themes that you can use for your food or restaurant niche websites…

  • Superfood
  • Food & Cook
  • Food Recipes
  • Restaurant Café
  • Quick Food

#14. Hotel Booking Theme

Hotel booking sites are slightly different than eCommerce websites because these types of sites prefer a calendar structure for booking. So if you have a site like hotel booking site, movie ticket booking, party booking, event booking, bus ticket booking site or any other kind of booking site then the following templates you could prefer for you website…

  • Hotel Master
  • Sailing Hotel
  • Soho Hotel Booking
  • City Tours
  • Vierra [Hotel and Resorts]

#15. Medical Healthcare

If you have a business related to medical like you want to sell the medical tools or equipments… you want to sell the medicines online or we can say you have a dental shop,  eye care hospital, general hospital then these medical based themes could give more stability to your site.

Even if you are a blogger, you can prefer the following medical templates to share the knowledge. These special healthcare templates could make your site more attractive!

  • Medical & Dentist
  • OneLife Medical
  • Medicare
  • HealthFlex
  • MedicalPress
  • SoulMedic Health
  • MediCenter

Well guys, these are some of best WordPress themes that you can prefer as per your niche requirement. All these templates are responsive, will work fine on all devices without any issue. If you have some confusion, then we recommend go for Avada Theme, it is best-selling WordPress template… gets fit in every category.

Thank for reading!

If you have any questions then let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to share the list of best WordPress themes for business and blogs on social sites.

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